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As a shopper Independents' Day UK is your chance to show some love for the independent retailers you value most both in your local communities and online: the ones you wouldn’t want to live without. Here’s how you can get involved to help make Independents’ Day UK a success for those businesses and others.

  • Follow & engage with the campaign across our social media platforms.
  • Share the campaign with you friends.
  • Give a shout-out on social media to the independent retailers you love and value most – be sure to tag us in any post using the hashtag #ukindieday.
  • Ask the independent retailers you visit or know if they are involved with Independents’ Day UK – if not, please direct them to our website.
  • Make a list now of one or two independent retailers that you’ve never visited before and pledge to pay them a visit for Independents’ Day on July 4th – your visit will make the world of difference.