Independents' Day UK is campaign that independent retailers across sectors and throughout the country can use to promote their own businesses online and in their own communities. We call it a grassroots movement because it needs your active involvement and support. It needs independent retailers to grab it by the scruff of the neck and make it work for their own businesses. How can you do that?

•    Follow and engage with the campaign across our social media platforms. 
•    Share the campaign with fellow retailers and customers.
•    Download the Independents’ Day UK logo and share it on your website, on your own social platforms and in your shop windows.
•    Contribute a blog for our website (we can then share it) on issues important to you as an independent retailer.
•    If your business has a particular story to tell, get in touch so that we can tell your story.
•    Consider now doing something special for Independents’ Day on July 4th – a special offer, event or promotion to bring people into your shop (particularly those who may not have visited before).


As a shopper Independents' Day UK is your chance to show some love for the independent retailers you value most both in your local communities and online: the ones you wouldn’t want to live without. Here’s how you can get involved to help make Independents’ Day UK a success for those businesses and others.

In addition:
•    Follow and engage with the campaign across our social media platforms. 
•    Share the campaign with you friends.
•    Give a shout-out on social media to the independent retailers you love and value most – be sure to tag us in any post using the hashtag #ukindieday.
•    Ask the independent retailers you visit or know if they are involved with Independents’ Day UK – if not, please direct them to our website.
•    Make a list now of one or two independent retailers that you’ve never visited before, or even local favourites you’re famililar with and pledge to visit them on Independents’ Day on July 4th – your visit will make the world of difference.